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Interact within the Tour:

A wtftv 360º Interactive Virtual Tour is the perfect way to keep your viewer engaged with your property for longer. wtftv provide a range of elements including our complimentary Virtual Treasure Hunt that showcases the many beautiful beaches and locations the region has to offer. The Tour is updated regularly and we aim to offer a range of local prizes that help to support and nurture some of our many local businesses that rely on the tourism market.

Your wtftv 360º Interactive Virtual Tour can also be used as a Facebook App. The fact that your wtftv virtual tour is engaging and interactive makes it a perfect accompaniment to your website and social media strategy. Add entry Forms, include email or phone hotspot links - There are limitless applications to make your virtual tour unique and engaging.


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Real Estate Property Sales

Includes 3D scan of property up to 250 square metres. (enquire about larger properties) up to 3 months complimentary storage of your embeddable 3D virtual Tour with linking
inclusion of 4K Beach footage within tour via Youtube
inclusion of current wtftv promotion to increase engagement
Five 4K images extracted from tour for further promotional use


(inc. GST)

Holiday Rental Market

Perfect if your property is on the Holiday Rental Market. You can store your property on the Matterport cloud service for as long as you desire for a small monthly additional cost.
Your 3D scan is stored securely on Matterport's cloud storage on a monthly basis first 3 months free.

Additional months $11 per month (plus original scan costs)

(inc. GST)

Additional Interactive Elements

Your scan comes with up to five
Matterport interactive posts including;
4 K images
Youtube links
web page links
Google Maps
Social Media Links
Video links
Easter Egg Hunt
Additional interactive posts can be added on request and we can advise you on the most cost-effective method of including them.

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