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wtftv provides the latest in technology in both 3D Virtual Reality and genuine 360º INTERACTIVE panoramic tours. wtftv is Port Stephens' local Matterport Service Partner and we produce 3D Interactive Virtual tours using the latest Matterport Pro 2 camera to provide stunning results - Guaranteed. wtftv is locally based in Corlette, providing prompt and friendly service to property marketers in the Bay area. Virtual tours have taken the world by storm, and are hugely popular in Asia, America and Europe. Now you can have a 360º virtual tour created right here in the Bay using this very same technology.

Prices start from just $330 (inc. GST)

This might look like the start of a video but wait till press the start button! From the outset homebuyers are instantly engaging with the property - at a time that suits them. All in 360º and 3D! Take a look at this tour we produced for a property in Fingal Bay recently. We aim to provide world's best practice in VR production and continually liaise with our worldwide partners to stay up to date with what's new in the world of VR.

Locally based in Corlette using the world's best 3D technology!

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wtftv is fully insured and is the official Matterport Service Partner for Port Stephens.

3D Interactive Dollhouse

An Imersive and user-friendly way for viewers to quickly navigate through your house tour. Exclusively supplied by Matterport and brought to you here in Australia by wtftv!

The wtftv VR Headset


The wtftv VR Headset allows you to convert your smartphone into a VR viewer. It's simple to use and set up and the results speak for themselves. For full set up instructions, just click on the image above.


A wtftv 360º Interactive tour completely interacts with your viewer, Viewers can enter competitions, send emails and completely interact with your tour! Looks Amazing on retina screens and is all the rage on social media.

Share your Virtual tour anywhere!

It's so easy! Once we have scanned your property with the Matterport Pro2 camera, a simple embed code is provided making it possible to share your virtual tour on your website, Real estate Listings, Social Media, in fact a virtual tour of your property is available to anyone anywhere in the world 24/7.

Local Promotional support

The wtftv Port Stephens Virtual treasure Hunt is a wtftv World exclusive! Viewers can admire the beauty of all of our beautiful beaches in a 360º virtual treasure Hunt, which gives them the chance of picking up local prizes - a great incentive to get them to come to the Bay!

Mind blowing 3D Virtual Reality!

VR Goggles

True 3D! With the use of a compatible VR Headset, your viewers will be blown away by the stunning clarity and realism! If you already have a VR Headset, please try out some of the Virtual Tours from Matterport from the lightbox on this page! It doews not get any more real than this!